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Rust global variables demystified

Rust has a reputation of a language unfriendly to global variables. While this reputation is not entirely undeserved, most of it stems from guarantees afforded by Rust and not by a desire to stifle the programmer’s creativity. In this article we’ll show how to use global variables, and how to overcome the limitations. Note: this … Continue reading Rust global variables demystified

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Encrypt files recursively with openssl

I wrote this program because I had a great idea to offload encrypted versions of my data, but conserving the full directory structure, keeping the permissions and timestamps. This way you can do incremental encrypted snapshots to an untrusted remote server. Always rsync the directory you wish to encrypt someplace else locally, and then run … Continue reading Encrypt files recursively with openssl

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Match file timestamp with EXIF data

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of pictures, coming close to 20000. Most of these pictures have the exif metadata embedded in the JPEG files. Alas, I was careless with some of the photographs, and when copying over from filesystem to filesystem, creating backups etc., the timestamps got overwritten. So now I had loads … Continue reading Match file timestamp with EXIF data

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